Some people be'lieve that Emperor Haile Selassie (the monarch who ruled over the kingdom of Ethiopia in East Africa from 1930 to 1974) was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ:

He is often referred to by his preCoronation title "Ras Tafari" and is regarded by many to be the source of insightful observations, such as the following from one of his speeches to the global governing assembly that is contemporarily known as the United Nations:

"Until the philosophy that holds that one 'race' is 'superior' and another 'race' is 'inferior' is completely discredited and abandoned, there will be wars every where... and until the most basic hueman rights are guaranteed to all, with out regard to 'race', there will be wars... and until there are no longer 'first class' nor 'second class' citizens of any nation... and until the color of a mans skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes... there will be wars."

And to paraphrase what (Mother For Peace): Lorraine Schneider opined:

"War is bad for children and other living beings."

So what can we do to help bring wars, and the often physiognomically based hatred that fuels wars, to an end?

I've attempted to convey some suggestions in rhyme on the following page of my web site @:

The seemingly recurring wars on our planet that are sabotaging our ability to coexist harmoniously often have ethnic (or "racial") undertones and so we might be well served to heed the wisdom of His Imperial Majesty, which he communicated through the following, paraphrased quote from his speech to the United Nations on October 6, 1963, in which He advised us that:

“We must look in to ourselves, in to the depths of our souls and we must become some thing we have never been and for which our education, our experience and our environment have ill prepared us... we must become bigger than we have been by becoming more courageous, greater in spirit and larger in out look and we must be come members of a new race by overcoming petty prejudice and owing our ultimate allegiance not to nations, tribes, religious sects or ethnicities, but rather to our fellow men within the hueman community.”

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